Soldier and child.

When The Bancorp announced the implementation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), I knew I wanted to be involved. A survey was circulated to provide employees with an opportunity to indicate what ERGs would be of interest. The outcome? Seven groups were established and needed co-chairs to help lead the foundational development. Employees That Serve (ETS) was one of the ERGs listed and I saw my opportunity to make an impact. I am honored to be a founding member of ETS and strive to make this ERG a unifying force for all service members to feel pride and respect in their dedication to our nation and community.

So, why Employees That Serve? Currently, and for the last 13 years, I serve in the Delaware National Guard as a Military Musician in the 287th Army Band. In my military career, I have participated in hazardous weather operations, recruitment events, public concerts, parades, and civil unrest situations.

I wanted to lead this ERG based on my military involvement and experience observing similar organizations that brought like-minded employees together for the benefit of all.

Our group started as strictly for military veterans, however, that felt too exclusionary and we opened it up to anyone involved or related to service members in the military and civilian sector. Military members, firefighters, police officers, first responders, and EMTs all share a passion for serving their community and the goal of ETS is to highlight their service and promote safety and community involvement. Our members benefit from networking opportunities and the chance to tell their stories to other members and employees who are thankful and appreciate the service to their communities. The primary obstacle of ETS is finding members within The Bancorp, as only 10% of America’s adult population classifies as a veteran¹. Extending our membership to the civilian service sector has helped membership. Additionally, highlighting our members during Veterans Day and Memorial Day has helped expose our group to the larger employee population. Our members all share a strong sense of duty which brings new experiences and discipline to The Bancorp, and ETS works to highlight their talents and achievements.

Employee resource group

My participation in ERGs has positively impacted my career at The Bancorp. I am a Quality Assurance Analyst on the Financial Crimes Risk Management (FCRM) team and am responsible for ensuring the highest quality of work on all teams in FCRM and providing feedback to improve workflow. As a founding member of Employees That Serve, I’ve gained a better understanding of my FCRM colleagues, other teams in The Bancorp, and how they connect. By expanding my network not only through ETS but through other ERGs, I have a greater appreciation of the incredible diversity throughout our organization. My experience as a co-chair has proven invaluable and I encourage more people to seize the opportunity. To new leaders entering Co-Chair positions in ERGs, I advise being patient with membership growth and not be afraid to delegate tasks to other members. ERGs bring employees together under a common unifying thread and it’s important to utilize everyone’s abilities and skillsets to their fullest. I strongly encourage my colleagues to learn more about the various ERGs at The Bancorp and join one that aligns with your values and goals. Both while working from home or in the office, it is important to stay connected to your fellow employees, and ERGs provide a connection between our peers that is incredibly valuable.

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