Diverse group of employees shaking hands
Diversity & Inclusion are essential elements of The Bancorp identity.

In every role within the company, our employees drive innovation by bringing their diverse skills and experience to the office each day. Though promoting diversity is at the core of the culture at The Bancorp, we believe that inclusion is what prompts employees to bring new perspectives to their day-to-day work, helping The Bancorp maintain its position as a trailblazer in banking services.

As part of our larger Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) program established in 2018, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) were introduced to help facilitate an inclusive culture throughout the company. ERGs provide opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow professionally with colleagues from across the enterprise who share similar interests. With the guidance of The Bancorp's Internal Diversity and Inclusion Council (IDIC), each ERG is employee-led by co-chairs who are nominated and voted for by ERG members. Because ERGs are employee-established, it is important to The Bancorp that it is guided by dedicated members who are committed to the group's growth.

All employees at The Bancorp are welcome to participate in any ERG of their choice. Leadership actively advocates for employees to engage with ERGs that resonate with their interests, life experiences, and/or values. Should an employee identify an opportunity for a new ERG within the Company, they are encouraged to connect with the IDIC for support. This initiative fosters an environment where employees can continue to grow personally and professionally within The Bancorp.

Learn more about the various ERGs available to employees, and the values that drive each group:

Black Professionals Icon

Black Professionals
Through the Black Professionals ERG, The Bancorp promotes the professional development of Black employees as future company leaders. The group fosters an inclusive work environment through networking, mentorship, and activities that promote cultural awareness and communication.

Employees Who Serve Icon

Employees Who Serve (EWS)
EWS seeks to motivate The Bancorp employees to volunteer and serve their community. Driven by the example of military veterans and first responders, EWS strives to give back to the community and promote the core values of service members within The Bancorp.

Health & Wellness Icon

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness promotes physical and mental health and wellness as well as fosters a sense of community through education, outreach, and various activities for all employees. The group aligns with organizational health and wellness initiatives by promoting company-wide activities that offer employees opportunities to achieve their wellness goals.

HOLA icon

Hola's mission is to promote opportunities for professional growth, support community outreach, and foster an environment where all employees can be successful and contribute to the organization in a meaningful way while celebrating and embracing the Hispanic and Latino culture.

PRIDE icon

PRIDE is focused on maintaining an open and safe environment for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies within The Bancorp. The group offers opportunities to collaborate with members of LGBTQIA+ community and its allies to create an inclusive culture of acceptance, dignity, and respect through education, mentorship, networking, and volunteer opportunities.

The Green Team icon

The Green Team
The Green Team seeks to empower environmental friendliness throughout The Bancorp and in its surrounding communities. The group aims to ensure employees thrive in an environmentally friendly workplace.

Women's Initiative Network (WIN) icon

Women's Initiative Network (WIN)
The mission of WIN is to cultivate an inclusive environment that empowers and supports women at The Bancorp. WIN is guided by the company’s commitment to service and aspires to create opportunities for networking, mentoring, community engagement, and professional and personal development.

Working Families icon

Working Families
Working Families strives to promote and raise awareness of the unique challenges that employees in family caregiver roles may face and supports initiatives that enable a healthy balance between family life and careers at The Bancorp.

Throughout The Bancorp, we continue to champion diversity and build upon efforts to guarantee that the company provides an inclusive culture for all employees to excel in their careers. As our ERGs continue to grow, we look forward to seeing the contributions they bring forth to the company.