Financial professional educating clients
By learning and exercising skills, those who are financially literate can make better-informed decisions when faced with choices involving finances.

As part of The Bancorp’s commitment to promoting financial literacy and well-being across our communities, our Institutional Banking business recently partnered with the Association of Financial Educators (AFE). With this partnership, members of The Bancorp Institutional Banking team will volunteer their time to facilitate training workshops and connect with individuals who are interested in learning the tools necessary to take control of their financial futures.

Established in 2008 to promote widespread and comprehensive financial literacy, AFE is the market leader in providing free educational workshops to companies, organizations, institutions, and entities of all sizes and in all market sectors throughout North America. Over the last decade, it has worked with thousands of these groups to educate and uplift their employees and members through expertly taught, easy-to-understand workshops.

“We look to lead by example at The Bancorp, especially when giving back to the community. By partnering with the Association of Financial Educators, members of the Institutional Banking team have the opportunity to share their expertise in a unique way,” said John Leto, Executive Vice President, Head of Institutional Banking.

For over 20 years, The Bancorp Institutional Banking has worked with financial professionals to provide private-labeled lending and depository products and services that help improve wealth management strategies. With extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and a personalized approach, the team offers expert banking experiences for both financial professionals and their clients across the country.

“Education is a powerful tool that can have a transformational impact. Through this partnership, Institutional Banking can make a difference by helping those looking to improve their financial literacy skills and, ultimately, improve their lives,” added Leto.

In addition to the new partnership, The Bancorp also offers financial education opportunities through its Financial Resource Center.