Group of Interns
I believe that at the end of this program, students will walk away with a clearer understanding of what it’s like to work in finance

This summer, The Bancorp launched its Internship Program and welcomed a group of 13 interns from a variety of different colleges and universities. This program is designed to provide students from diverse backgrounds with meaningful work experiences and an opportunity to learn and gain practical knowledge from experienced professionals in the financial industry.

But don’t take it from us; learn more about The Bancorp Internship Program from one of our most recent interns!

As a soon-to-be graduate who will be entering the job market in the near future, finding an internship to gain real-world experience is a must. A student in a classroom can only learn so much about the corporate world. That is why immersing yourself in a company and learning the ins and outs is the most beneficial way to connect course lessons and your future career field.

When looking for an internship, I knew that I wanted to work with a company where I could learn skills in various areas, and this is what drew me to apply to a Marketing internship within The Bancorp Summer Internship Program. Open to current undergraduate and graduate students, the program offers internships with many of the departments within The Bancorp and provides real experience working in banking and finance.

As a rising senior with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Professional Selling and Sales Management, working with The Bancorp Marketing team was the best fit. The department comprises communication, design, project management, and production teams, collaborating and producing work for many of the Bank’s departments. Another draw to this company for me was the business-to-business dynamic. As many students will understand, we’re only taught how to advertise to a consumer in school, so this experience provided a new opportunity and has given me valuable tools to help make me a well-rounded employee in my future career!

The most important skill I gained while interning with The Bancorp was project management. At The Bancorp, the Marketing team is one of the only departments that work with every business line, meaning there are constant projects such as email campaigns, blog and social posts, presentations, and industry research taking place at any given time. Because of this, multiple tasks are being managed at once, which taught me the importance of prioritizing to meet deadlines.

Project Management

SKILLSET: Project Management

For example, I had the opportunity to lead in developing an advertisement for the Commercial Lending business. The project required open communication with our design and writing team members to accomplish the goals of the business line. Managing deadlines, overseeing the editing process, and relaying information to the appropriate team members were all essential processes that contributed to the campaign’s success. This experience gave me a sense of what a traditional marketing project would look like when collaborating with a team in a traditional corporate setting.

Another essential professional skill I learned during my internship was researching and analyzing industry trends properly. Several projects required strategic background, such as key search terms and best practices, to help provide the best final product to the business lines. Recognizing how to analyze topics and apply those findings to improve the content The Bancorp produces has been valuable to my professional and personal development. As trends are constantly changing, learning the best way to research and stay on top of them is a vital skill I’ll be able to use in the future.

Lastly, one of the biggest takeaways I’ll bring away from my time with The Bancorp was the opportunity to see various areas of marketing come together. When working with the team, I saw the necessary steps required in developing projects such as email campaigns and advertisements. The benefit of this was learning how to evaluate and analyze different data metrics. Assignments with the Communications team allowed me to create various social media posts and see how target audiences respond. Shadowing the production and event planning team allowed me to develop a learning tool for use across different departments. All Marketing components work together to represent The Bancorp’s brand and help externally demonstrate the company’s expertise and corporate culture.

The skills learned throughout this internship significantly impacted my professional development. The time spent with the Marketing team and the other business lines at The Bancorp gave me a clearer idea of where I can see myself working post-graduation. Students considering applying to the program have the chance to learn in a professional setting and enhance professional skills like time management, critical thinking, adaptability, and teamwork. Though these skills can be applied within the classroom, learning how to use them in a corporate setting provides invaluable experience. From my experience, I believe that at the end of this program, students will walk away with a clearer understanding of what it’s like to work in finance and with the confidence that they can be well-rounded employees in their future careers.

At The Bancorp, our employees are provided opportunities to grow and thrive because we believe they are our most valuable asset. This commitment to development extends to the younger generation of professionals through The Bancorp Internship Program.



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