The Bancorp Commercial Lending

As the economy tightens, finding access to liquidity and capital can be vital for lenders and lessors looking to attract new customers. Though there are several avenues available to accomplish this, a simple option that is often overlooked is the sale of loans and leases on the secondary market through a wholesale transaction.

When selling a loan, lease, or a portfolio of loans or leases, a buyer, depending on such things as pricing, terms, and asset class, can pay out the principal balance plus a premium for the transaction. By selling these assets, a financial institution can free up access to liquidity that was not previously available on its balance sheet. Typically, the sale of the loans or leases is a fast and efficient process with established pricing and exact closing date so lenders know how much liquidity they will have access to and when.

The Bancorp Commercial Lending works with banks, independent lenders and lessors, and other financial institutions to buy individual loans or portfolios. By not requiring deposits or any other ancillary services, The Bancorp serves as a true partner and may primarily work entirely in the background. In most cases, the original lender remains the main point of contact for the customer, which allows recurring business opportunities.

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