VP, Account Executive


Manage relationships with Key Accounts for the Payment Solutions group.


  1. Pro-actively develop growth strategies with partner organizations. Develop a thorough understanding of the client’s business model and work with clients to consult on how Bancorp products and services can best support their current and future business needs.
  2. Conduct quarterly and ad hoc review meetings with clients/partners to discuss status of current business and future growth initiatives and potential.
  3. Present new product enhancements on behalf of the clients to Bancorp internal service and operational teams, explaining the potential of these initiatives to strengthen the product and brand.
  4. Act as an advocate for large clients with the Bancorp service, compliance, and delivery teams to interpret and relay the client’s perspective and needs. Understand and effectively communicate client needs and their impact on Bancorp’s operations.
  5. Represent the company’s goals and objectives in client discussions. Act as a voice for the value add that Bancorp brings to each relationship.
  6. Act as a liaison with the implementation managers to ensure that new partner programs are successfully implemented.
  7. Partner with the due diligence and compliance teams to ensure that the client has met and continues to meet all due diligence and compliance rules, regulations, policies, and practices.
  8. Work closely with partners, clients and internal teams to resolve problems and issues as they arise. Ensure the appropriate resources are brought into situations to develop win-win solutions for both the client and the organization.
  9. Understand and communicate client reporting needs to Bancorp team and ensure that they are met.
  10. Perform other related duties as assigned.




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The Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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