Senior Data Warehouse Technician


Design, develop, test, and maintain applications and processes to parse, extract, transform, and load data from multiple data sources to the data warehouse.


  1. Develop applications for parsing, extracting, and loading data in Base SAS.
  2. Document, test and debug data programs prior to implementation in the live production environment using standard testing and validation protocols.
  3. Group and summarize data to optimize performance for scheduled processes and end user reporting.
  4. Maintain, support and develop the SAS data warehouse.
  5. Develop data feeds and reports for external and internal clients as requested. Question users to determine fields and array of data needed to fulfill requests. Create and document reports available in the report library. Build dynamic end user reporting systems to generate standard scheduled reports and easy interface functionality for ad hoc reporting needs.
  6. Develop data integration processes and procedures for transforming, extracting, and loading data between the data warehouse and internal OLTP database systems.
  7. Develop close working relationships with project management and end users to understand issues arising with the reporting and data systems and deliver accurate and time-saving solutions through the data warehouse.
  8. Serve as a mentor to less experienced data warehouse technicians to develop their skills. Act as a resource for the team by providing advice and guidance on programming issues and concerns. Brainstorm solutions with the team and provide feedback as needed.



Other Qualifications:

The Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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