Privacy FAQs:

What is a Privacy Notice?

A Privacy Notice is provided in compliance with federal law when a consumer becomes a customer of a financial services company and in many cases, annually thereafter.  Financial services companies must share customer information to conduct everyday business operations and process customer transactions.   The Privacy Notice tells customers how their personal non-public information may be shared, how it is protected, and how customers have the right to limit, or opt-out of some types of sharing activity.


Does Bancorp share my information?

Bancorp does not share its customers’ personal information or information about its customers’ transactions with affiliates for purposes of joint marketing.  Bancorp does however, share information to conduct everyday business operations, such as transaction processing and account maintenance.


Can I opt out of this sharing?

Federal law allows customers to limit or opt-out of some types of sharing.  For instance, sharing of information about a customer’s creditworthiness and sharing of information with affiliates and non-affiliates to market to a customer may be limited.  However, Bancorp does not share its customers’ information for any of these purposes.


Is further action required from me?

No.  Federal law requires that customers be provided this notice, but because Bancorp does not share information about its customers, there is no need for customers to tell us to limit sharing of information. 


Still have questions?

Please call the customer service telephone number listed on the back of your card.