loans originated to date

$7 Billion

loans issued


servicing 50 states

The Bancorp is a provider of non-recourse floating-rate debt for multifamily, commercial and hospitality assets from coast to coast. Our focus is to provide $4 - $55 million in bridge loans for transitional real estate assets. We provide sponsors with capital for upgrading existing assets through tenant improvements (TI)/leasing commissions (LC) and property improvement plans (PIPs). Our flexibility in customizing solutions has enabled us to build trust and long-term relationships with mortgage bankers and brokers. We have closed transactions for every major intermediary in the country.


  The Bancorp Advantage
  We offer our partners some of the most competitive terms in the country alongside seamless execution with pre-approved quotes from our Group Head and an efficient closing process.


Asset Classes: Multifamily, office, industrial, mixed-use, retail, hospitality and self-storage
Loan Amounts: $4 - 55 Million
Loan to Cost: Multifamily 80% of purchase + 100% of capital expenditures
Commercial 75% of purchase + 100% of TI/LCs & Cap-X
Hospitality 70% of purchase + 100% of PIP
Loan Term: 3 years with extension options for years 4 and 5
Interest Rate: 30-day LIBOR + market-rate spreads
Fees: Origination: 1.00%
Exit: 0.50%
Amortization: Interest-only payments
Prepayment: Open, subject to 24-month spread maintenance
Recourse: Nonrecourse, subject to standard lender carveouts
Debt Yield: Minimum Going In: Multifamily 5%, Commercial 6%, Hotel 8%