Diversity & Inclusion – It Starts from the Top

1/14/2021 3:44 PM

At The Bancorp, we champion a diverse and inclusive culture that rests on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect. We recognize that each person has unique perspectives and skills and because of this, we strive to create an environment in which everyone is valued and has the opportunity to thrive. These principles guide our work, drive innovation, and promote a fair and equitable culture for all our employees, business partners and surrounding communities. The Bank’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is weaved into our culture, beginning with senior leadership.

Our D&I initiative is guided by the Internal Diversity and Inclusion Council (IDIC). The IDIC is responsible for developing and implementing strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives across the Company. Comprised of key leaders across The Bancorp, the Council continually works to ensure that our commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture is incorporated throughout all aspects of our business.

In its most basic form, D&I promotes the core concept that everyone should feel not only welcome but respected and appreciated. At The Bancorp, we believe it also means providing educational resources, championing the successes of all employees, and ensuring all employees have the opportunity to have their voice heard.

As we continue to develop our efforts, we hope that employees, vendors, and customers feel as though they can bring their full-selves when working with The Bancorp. We aim to lead by example, not just internally, but across our industry. And that starts from the top.

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