When it comes to retirement planning, everyone is interested in safety, and everyone is interested in growth. The marketplace has never been more challenging. That's why our innovative Master Demand Account (MDA) is setting the pace, with FDIC protection and competitive rates built right in.
- James Liberi
Vice President

Master Demand Accounts

The Bancorp Bank's innovative cash products protect capital and provide consistent returns, regardless of fluctuations in the market.

Now there are retirement planning options that offer cash balances with the power of performance, safety and liquidity. Whether the need is for a cash vehicle in a brokerage account or a creative retirement planning option, the Master Demand Account (MDA) and the Master Demand Account Advantage (MDAA) are strong additions to any financial planning scenario.

Retirement planning has never been more complex. As the latest alternative to cash balances, the MDA series outperforms money market fund averages, yet offers daily liquidity. With competitive rates and FDIC insurance, these deposit products are an ideal choice for keeping money safe and available in an uncertain economic climate.

The MDA, the first demand deposit account registered with the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), and the MDAA are valuable additions to any brokerage platform as highly attractive alternatives to money market mutual funds and stable value funds. The MDA and MDAA are available to individuals within 401(k) plans, certain nonprofit organizations, pension funds, health & welfare plans, and certain other fiduciaries and trusts with eligible beneficiaries.  

For current rate information on the MDA, click here.

For current rate information on the MDAA, click here.

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