No member of your staff need ever walk into a dealership showroom again. Only The Bancorp provides a one-stop resource, combining both financing and complete fleet management services.
- Scott R. Megargee
Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer

Mears Motor Leasing

Mears Motor Leasing was founded in 1952. Since that time, we have become a leader in the field of vehicle leasing throughout the state of Florida and nationwide. In 2005, we became part of The Bancorp, enabling us to expand our services.

We offer one of the widest ranges of lease plans available in today’s market, and our Open-End and Closed-End Lease programs are tailored to meet your requirements.

As a financial service of The Bancorp, we are able to provide lease programs for vehicles and equipment to commercial and municipal customers at extremely competitive rates. We work closely with you and your finance department to deliver flexible payment structures – annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly – to meet your budgetary requirements.

Contact us:

Mears Motor Leasing
3905 El Rey Road
Orlando, FL 32808
+1.888.632.7748 (toll-free)
Fax: +1.407.578.4924

Our Team:

Billy Stueber Vice President +1.407.253.4471
Michael Combs Vice President +1.407.253.4473
David Pickard Senior Account Executive +1.407.253.4462
Jeff Pontius Senior Account Executive +1.407.253.4459
Joanne Cornier Government Leasing Specialist +1.407.253.4450
Karrie-Linn Velms Documentation Unit +1.407.253.4505
Larry Sanborn Senior Account Executive +1.407.253.4463